Council Crossover

Plain Concrete

Plain concrete is the most commonly requested and used type of concrete and can be ordered in 20/25/32 MPA and can be ordered in a 20mm, 10mm or 7mm sized aggregate. Plain concrete is generally broom finished outdoors and machine or hand troweled indoors.

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Front Porch

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed concrete comes in a large variety of stone composition that is placed in the same fashion as plain concrete, but has the surface retarded until being exposed to water. We strongly recommend acid washing and sealing exposed aggregate.

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Cast On Colour With Rosette

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete is prepared, placed and finished in the same fashion as plain concrete. We highly recommend that all coloured concrete be sealed with a minimum of two coats of UV sealant, to prevent weathering and colour fade.

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Stamped Concrete

Stamp concrete, when done correctly, is a superb product, adding a classy alternative to traditional concrete Several patterns and many colours are available. Two coats of UV sealant with Antislip mixed in are mandatory.

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BushRock Pattern Sprayed Over New Concrete

Covercrete and Sprayon Concrete

Covercrete is a spray on product that is used to cover and refurbish old and existing concrete products. This is 2-3 mm thick and sets at approximately 72 MPA, about three times the strength of traditional concrete.

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Floor Flacking

Floor Flaking is a durable yet decorative alternative for predominately inside applications. Either small or large paint flecks or stone grip in many combinations can be applied to most floors and then covered with a hardened epoxy.

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Bulk Block Retainer Wall Footings

Steel Fixing

Whether tying steel for a retaining wall, deck or units, we have knowledge and experience to ensure a prompt and reliable job. We are accredited with Certificate III in Steel Fixing, ensuring a professional result.

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Industrial Sleeper Retainer Wall

Retainer Walls – Rock/Sleeper/Block

Retainer and rock walls can add thousands of dollars of value to your property. Walls can be made out of timber or concrete sleepers or sandstone boulders, depending on your site and preference.

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Covercreted Stairs


Stairs are a common requirement giving access around your property. We offer safe and secure options ensuring the stairs are constructed to Australian Standards.

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Honed- 3 Cuts and Armathaned

Machinery Hire

Pump and Machinery Hire

We have available both bobcat and excavator combinations with several different size tippers. We also have mini combinations for thigh access. All size pumps are available on request. Whether levelling or digging, we can accommodate your machinery hire needs.

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Finished With Deck


We can accommodate all your pool needs, from excavation, through to landscaping. accommodate.

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